Translations from Romanian into German (for Germany)


The translations from Romanian into German which I make, stamp and sign are recognized by all authorities in Germany and do not require any further (notarial) certification.


Please note:

 Many original documents issued by Romanian authorities must be accompanied by the Hague Apostille. It apostille confirms the authenticity of the Romanian document. This is especially true for registry office documents.


Please contact the German authorities in advance to find out whether the original document from Romania must be issued with the Hague Apostille. If so, you first have to get the apostille from the respective Romanian authority and afterwards brin me the document including the apostille for translation.



Translations from German into Romanian (for Romania)


The translations from German into Romanian required by the Romanian authorities often have to include the notarization of the translator's signature and the Hague Apostille. Therefore, it is very important that you find out in advance from the respective authorities in Romania whether it is sufficient if the translation is done by a translator sworn and appointed in Germany or whether a certification or the Hague Apostille is required.


Please note:

 Many original documents issued by German authorities must be provided with the Hague Apostille in Germany before they are submitted to the Romanian authorities. As mentioned above, the apostille confirms the authenticity of the German original document. Both, the original German document and the translation into Romanian, must contain the Hague Apostille, as they are two different documents.


Depending on the type of document, the German original must be provided with an apostille before you bring it to me for translation. You can also send the originals to one of these institutions by mail without any problems. In a relatively short time you will receive the documents back with the respective apostille. I recommend that you to clarify the shipping and payment details in advance by telephone. Only after you have received the original German documents together with the Hague Apostille, I can make the translation from German into Romanian and confirm that the German original is provided with an Apostille.




Legalization/Apostille for documents from Germany,

Romania and the Republic of Moldova


Legalization is the confirmation of the authenticity of a foreign public document by the diplomatic or consular representation of the state where the foreign document is to be used. For documents from Romania or from Germany, legalization is no longer necessary, as it is replaced by the "Hague Apostille".


The Hague Apostille is - like the legalization - the confirmation of the authenticity of a public document. It is used in legal relations between the states which are members of the Hague Convention abolishing the requirement of diplomatic authentication or legalization for public documents. Unlike legalization, the Hague Apostille is issued by a designated authority of the state by which the document was issued.


A diplomatic or consular involvement of the state in which the foreign document is to be used is not necessary either for Germany or for Romania. Thus, the international legal relations between Germany and Romania as well as the other member states of the Hague Convention have been considerably facilitated.


In the case of Romania, the Hague Apostille is issued, depending on the document, by the Regional Court (Tribunal) of the county, the Chamber of Notaries (Camera notarilor) of the county or the Prefectura of the county where the document was issued.


In the case of Germany, the Hague Apostille is issued by the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of the Interior, the district or local courts of the respective localities, the regional councils of the respective federal states, etc., depending on the document.

Where can I get the apostilles for my Romanian or German original documents?

The Hague Apostille is not valid for documents from the Republic of Moldova.


Where can I have my Moldovan documents legalized?






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