You need a translator for German and Romanian or a court and negotiation interpreter for Romanian, German and English?


 In the following you will find an overview of my services.




Translations of documents


As a court appointed and sworn translator for German and Romanian, I provide certified translations of documents, certificates, official attestations and contracts. My translations are recognized by authorities and offices nationwide.


Specialized translations


As a fully trained legal counsel and state-certified interpreter and translator specializing in law and business, my translations guarantee:

―Precision in content and language

Conformity with the stylistic rules of the target language and subject area

The precise use of technical terms.

Interpreter for Romanian and English


Since 2006 I have been working as a interpreter for Romanian and English for district courts, public prosecutor's offices, federal and state police authorities, law firms and the private enterprises.



Language Service Consultant


Do you usually use translation tools, but want to avoid misunderstandings and ambiguities? I would be happy to advise you on the selection of the language services that suit you best. We will decide together whether a human translator or machine translation should be used and to what extent post-editing, transcreation or even copy editing can be useful.




Prices on request


Please note for translations: Please send me the text meant for translation by e-mail with the exact information about the intended purpose. The price for the translation depends on the degree of technical and stylistic difficulty, language direction, format, electronic processing options for the original, delivery time and type of use. These factors determine the price per standard line (55 characters including spaces - §11 (1) JVEG). The invoice amount (for larger orders at least 50% of the total amount)

must be paid in advance.








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